Achieving the Perfect Feather Brow

I used to envy Lily Collin's’ perfectly fluffed brows, as mine have never grown in full. That is until I was essentially forced to grow my brows out. Two years ago, I began using a retinol, which prevents me from being able to wax the skin on my face without lifting skin. Therefore, my brows started to grow a bit. That being said, some length to the brows helps with creating a feathered look, but length isn't mandatory.

What You Need

  • Bar Soap - I like Native’s Coconut & Vanilla, as they use simple ingredients, are sulfate free and hydrating.

  • A Spooly - I hope I spelt that right haha. Your spooly can be specifically for brows, or an un-used lash spooly - like the testers at Sephora.

  • Brow Pencil - I really enjoy The BrowGal Pencil

  • Brow Gel* - This is totally optional, I just like the extra hold, so sometimes I’ll use gel instead of a pencil

How to Achieve the Look

  1. Comb upwards through your brows to get an idea of the shape you’d like to set.

  2. Fill in sparse areas of the brow with the pencil or comb through upwards with the gel

  3. This is where the soap comes in. Run the spooly under water, then, gently rotate the spooly over the dry bar of soap without scraping it “too” much. You’ll be able to tell if you get too much soap on the bristles. If that’s the case, run it under water again.

  4. Again, combing towards the sky, with gentle and quick strokes, brush the brow hairs with the spooly.

  5. At this point, you be able to notice the brows setting. Conceal any areas around the brows that became “over-filled” with pencil, and you’re all set!

Emma BriseñoComment