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While Nima and I were out to dinner for our anniversary, he asked me what my New Years resolutions were. Honestly? I didn’t feel like making any this year because I couldn’t think of one really important thing to focus on. Of course, I later caved and made a list. One of the things on my list is probably the most generic of all, but I don’t care, because I’ll enjoy every minute of it. I have decided that I want to get back into the gym this year.

A big part of disliking exercise, for me, was the fear of being stinky afterwards unless I used an antiperspirant. So, as I embark on the journey of this New Years resolution, I felt it was only appropriate to find a deodorant that’ll do what it says. But first, let me explain to you the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant.


An antiperspirant is similar to a deodorant in the sense that they are both scented products. But there is one defining difference between the two and it lies within the name. Antiperspirant literally means anti-perspiration. While using one, you probably won’t sweat, and this is because of the main ingredient - aluminum. Aluminum acts like somewhat of a cork for your pores. It clogs them, preventing the release of sweat.


A deodorant is a more natural approach to dealing with unwanted body odor. Most often, the scents are naturally derived in these products as brands who make them usually have the goal of applying the least harmful ingredients to the body. With deodorant - I hate to break it to you - you’re still going to sweat. Thankfully, deodorants were made to combat the stink with many different scents.

The “Best” Deodorant

Recently I was introduced to a natural, Farm-Sourced®, deodorant by Benedetta called The “Best” Deodorant. In all honesty, I was nervous going into it because my job requires me to always be on my feet and moving around quite a bit. I didn’t want to have sweat pits on the clock. So, in order to get rid of any antiperspirant that may have been lingering, I switched to a separate natural deodorant for a few days before using Benedetta’s. To my surprise, I really enjoyed The “Best” Deodorant! I did find myself having to reapply at least twice throughout the day since of course, it doesn’t prevent sweating, but it did the job of preventing the stink.

Overall, I really enjoyed the scent of Benedetta’s deodorant. I used their original formula - they just released a peach scented one too by the way - and it has such a wonderful essential oil smell. The most obvious essential oil in the deodorant is the lavender. I’m a big fan of the soothing plant, so this was a bonus. As far as the formulation goes, I had never used a spray on deodorant until I tried Benedetta’s. It dried quickly and it didn’t leave any weird wet or smudgy feeling in the pits. After it dried, it was like I didn’t put anything on, all that lingered was the cozy smell of lavender. Benedetta’s, “…deodorant is fully plant-realized with constituents that target odor-causing bacteria safely. While not an antiperspirant, it counteracts the bacteria that causes excessive sweating” as it explains on their website.

Why Make The Switch?

Every day I use an antiperspirant, I feel guilty because I know I’m not doing the best I could for my body. While it hasn’t been proven that aluminum causes cancer, it has been proven that it, “…may be absorbed by the skin and have estrogen-like (hormonal) effects”, warns the NIH. This leads to the idea that aluminum based antiperspirants cause cancer since, “…estrogen can promote the growth of breast cancer cells…” as noted - again - by the NIH. At the end of the day, it isn’t healthy to prevent your body from performing it’s normal functions. If I have a special event, of course I’ll probably reach for something that will stop me from sweating, but this year I’m trying to be better to my body. Switching to deodorant may be a small step, but i’m excited to make it.

Thank you for reading! xx

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