7 Things I'm Thankful For This Year

In lieu of Thanksgiving, its only appropriate that I share some things I’m thankful for. Obviously I am a day late on this blog post, but Thanksgiving like any other holiday, is meant to be spent around your friends and family. Since I’ve been absent, I’ll brief you on how I spent my holiday break.

For Thanksgiving, I drove up to the Bay Area to spend the weekend with my family and Nima’s family. Those of you who follow me on Instagram know who Nima is, but for those of you who are new on my page, Nima is my boyfriend of nearly four years. Nima and I try to spend the holidays with both of our families. While the commute becomes difficult at times, it is always worth being able to enjoy the company of both of our families.

Hence the blog post title, I want to share some things I’m thankful for this year.

  1. My Parents: Let me be real with you all for a second… Living on your own, as a full time student, and part-time worker, is NOT easy. For the most part I support myself, but I’m lucky enough to have parents who understand that school is my priority. By that I mean, if I slip up and really need help with something, my parents are great about it.

  2. My Friends: Another hard part about moving away from home at such a young age, is leaving your friends behind. Living with Nima makes me as happy as I could be, but sometimes, a girl just needs her girls. I’m grateful of the fact that regardless of how far away I am, we all try and keep in touch.

  3. My Sisters: I have two younger sisters who are thriving in their own little ways right now. Even though we have our ups and downs (duh we are siblings, we bicker, etc.) but they’re always so nice when I come home from school to visit

  4. Education: Not everyone around the world is lucky enough to receive an education. I try to remind myself of this because so often it is that I catch myself saying, “ughhh I can’t wait to be done with school” when there are people out their who would jump with joy to be able to go to school. I’ve been going to school nearly 15 + 1/2 years now, therefore it’s something I've taken for granted. It may seem small , but it makes all the difference.

  5. My Job: Some of you know what my job is and if you don’t know me personally, you might not. All I'm going to say is that I work for an amazing company, and one of the many reasons I’m thankful for work is the flexibility. Not only do we get holidays off, but I’m able to transfer back and forth between my home store and the store in the town where I go to school.

  6. Nima’s Family: Getting along with my S/O’s family is the second most important thing to getting along with my own family. Nima’s family was so welcoming when meeting me, and they still hold the same warmth in their hearts. I truly don’t think there will be a day that they aren’t wonderful.

  7. Nima: You already know I save the best for last. Nima is my heart and soul, and honestly I’m not even sorry for being cheesy. Almost four years later and I love him more every single day. Not only is Nima an amazing boyfriend who takes care of me when I’m sick, buys me flowers, and makes sure I’m never hangry, he’s also an amazing friend. No matter what my dream is, Nima gives it wings. He is very open to me investing my all into something that I really want and honestly if that isn’t love than I don’t know what is.

Unfortunately, I’m probably going to post this and realized I missed something afterwards. There are too many things to be thankful for, but these are just a few things that hold a special place in my heart.

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