México: A Gallery

Ahhhhh México… Where do I even start?

As many of you may not know, I am half Mexican and I grew up in a mostly white household. I didn’t have a quince, I was baptized Christian, and the only Spanish I knew growing up was, “Hola” y “sacar la basura”. When Nima, Holden, Kimberly, and I decided on a trip to México, I was really excited to be able to experience a side of my culture that I hadn’t really gotten to before. I’ll be real with you all though, we ended up never leaving the resort out of pure comfort and relaxation, so the most exposure I got was good music and Spanglish conversations - which are always fun. This just gives me an excuse to go back ;).

Our first night in México, our plane got in around dinner time, so of course, we went and got good food. Generally, our days went as so: Breakfast, swimming/sunbathing, back to our rooms to freshen up, lunch with drinks, more swimming and sunbathing and drinks, hotel to freshen up, then dinner, drinks, and dessert. I’m a busy body, so by our third day I started to get a bit anxious. Nima decided the best way to cure the anxiousness was to sneak off the resort down to the beach - of course it worked.

Overall, our trip was very relaxed. The highlight? There were two for me. The first being the incredible, humid, weather. I love tropical climate. Then of course, aside from memories made, another highlight had to be our shower. This sounds ridiculous, but water literally fell from the ceiling like a waterfall. If that isn’t included in your definition of relaxation, then you’ve been doing it all wrong.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy these little snippets of our lovely vacation.

xo - Em

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