How I Style My Outfits

Growing up, I was never fashionable - contrary to what I believed. Selena Gomez was my fashion inspiration from ages 7-12 and I would split my hair clean down the middle. Looking back at pictures of these times are enough to inspire me to maintain cute outfits. That being said, there are a few things I keep in mind while picking outfits.

First, I want to talk about comfort! I feel like this is something that can be overlooked in fashion and while trying to look our bests. I’ve done my fair share of buying a piece of clothing a size too small or big, simply because it was the last one and it was on sale. Of course those high waisted jeans you bought a size too small are still cute, but is that wedgie really worth it? This is where my mini-lecture on splurging comes in. IT IS OKAY TO SPLURGE IF IT’S FOR QUALITY. I won’t mention specific brands, but there are plenty out there that sacrifice the quality of their fabrics in order to sell their product for cheaper. Quality usually means comfort, therefore, if you found the perfect pair of jeans, don’t go out there trying to find a dupe because while they may look the same, you might get stuck with a wedgie - and stuck with having to buy a shirt that’s long enough in the back to cover the wedgie. Moral of the story, I make sure to buy comfortable items so that styling my outfits is a much smoother process.

Lastly, when I’m choosing an outfit, I usually pick which shoes I want to wear that day before anything else. Some of my favorite outfits are those in which the shoes you’re wearing, match something else being worn. Other outfits that I love are those with bold pieces (i.e. neutrals with a pop of color in the shoes, a statement jacket, etc.). Something that I think is really important when choosing an outfit, is the way we style our hair. I never really thought about how hand-in-hand our hair and our outfits go until I bought a shirt with ruffles on the mid arm to wrist. If you’re going to wear something bold or textured on top, I recommend straight hair or a cute up-do. Obviously, I’m not a fashion guru so this is purely opinionated, but when I see myself in the mirror with waves and a textured/detailed top, I think it clashes.

Thank you for reading! ♡

Emma BriseñoComment