An $8 Amazon Scarf, Styled Three Ways

I would say that ninety-nine percent of my content is driven from my passion for beauty, skincare, and all things stylish. The other 1% deserves to be credited to other content creators. One of the very first bloggers that I followed and have been inspired by ever since, is Sivan Ayla Richards. Her content is always consistent and never disappointing. That being said, when I needed one last item for México, I recalled Sivan Ayla’s savvy scarf trick - saved under her Outfits highlight. Aside from the scarf being a multipurpose accessory, it also comes in multiple patterns. Now, for all the ways you can style it…

Head Wrap

Hands down, my favorite way to style the silk scarf is as a head wrap. I generally don’t wear items on my head, but I was very pleased with what a statement the scarf made. All you need to do is place the scarf on a flat surface and pull one corner towards another (it’s a square so it doesn’t matter which you start with). Then, place the straight edge of the triangle on your forehead and allow the top to fall at the base of your neck. With the remaining two corners in you hands, tie two good knots to assure it will stick.

Bikini Cover-Up

This look was not planned, but after a dip in the pool and not wanting to put pants back on, it was a no brainer. Simple fold the scarf in half, corner to corner, to create a triangle shape. Adjust it around your hips as desired, then tie a single knot to one side of your hips.

Knotted Crop

Since Sivan pretty much invented this look, you’ll have to follow the link to her page to find the directions! I absolutely can’t take credit for it, but oh how I wish I had thought of it. This style was really nice to wear in México because of how humid it is there. The scarf is really lightweight and super breathable.

There you have it! Three easy ways to style a super cute scarf.

xo, Em

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