2019 Resolutions

In my last blog post, I mentioned how I wasn’t going to have any resolutions this year. Normally I choose just one and I dedicate my time to it. I just seemed to have a bit of a block, and I couldn’t think of anything big enough that needed all of my focus. But while Nima and I were out for dinner on our anniversary, he asked me what my resolutions were… I had them all mapped out by the next day.

Be Kind to Myself + Others

I find it so unfortunate that its almost become a social norm to have insecurities. That being said, I want to dedicate this year to embracing my flaws rather than rejecting them. As far as being kind to others goes, this is something I always try to do - but that doesn’t mean I’m always successful in trying. So, in order to raise the success rate, my goal is to give more compliments, pay closer attention to whats important to others, and to set aside my feelings if I’m having a bad day.

Save Money

I have such a hard time saving my money! A big part of it is that fact that I don’t live at home anymore, but most of my money goes to skincare and health foods. Health foods, thats justified because I believe in taking care of myself - inside and out. Skincare on the other hand, is an expensive passion of mine that stemmed from my struggle with acne. The second I find a product that makes me glow and clears up my skin, I justify the purchase because, well, it did exactly what I wanted it to do. So this year I will continue my journey with skincare, but hopefully I’ll be able to manage it a little better.

Hit At Least 1K

When I first jotted this one down, I thought to myself, “Yikes… this sounds kind of bad…” but then I thought about it some more. Hitting 1k or more on Instagram would help me to become more recognized and help me to become part of a supportive community. I don’t have many followers for being a blogger, but at the end of the day, its the reactions that make me happy. I love it when I get random DM’s from followers asking me for advice. One of my mom’s friends had me curate a skincare/makeup routine for her - this makes me so happy that you all feel you can reach out. It also makes me happy that you trust my level of expertise when it comes to skincare.

Go Gluten Free Again

I stopped my gluten free diet for Thanksgiving, because I am a lover of most things pumpkin, and I wasn’t going to miss out on pie. Buuuuut… I never ended the break from gluten! So my skin has been freaking out. As of January 1st, I’ve been gluten free again, and my skin is completely cleared up (knock on wood). I intend to continue being gluten free.

Get Back Into The Gym

Before I left for Hawaii this summer, I got my butt into the gym and prepped for the bikini weather. I worked out again for about a month after and then I just stopped. I got busy with school and work, but this semester there will be no excuse! I feel so much better when I work out regularly - both physically and emotionally. 2019 is the year for confidence and I’m all over it.

For those of you who made resolutions this year, I hope you accomplish them all. And for those of you who thought that maybe resolutions weren’t for you, I hope you find something that inspires you this year. This may be late - but better than never - Happy New Years love bugs!

Thank you for reading!! xx

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