How Nima and I Met and Have Made It So Far

Our Anniversary This Year…

In honor of our anniversary, I only found it appropriate that I share a little something with you all about Nima and I. I waited until today to share it because all I wanted to do yesterday was spend time with Nima. We celebrated four years yesterday, for the first time, not in San Francisco. We woke up and headed to my house so I could shower off the partying from the previous night, and try to look alive. We went ice skating - which was one of our first dates four years ago - and then came back home since we were still exhausted from the night before. So, up until our 6 o’ clock dinner reservations, we did what we do best - watched Friends. We cleaned up just one last time and went to dinner at La Gare in downtown Santa Rosa. The atmosphere was so romantic and if our night had ended there, I wouldn’t have complained. After dinner, we were lucky enough to go visit Nima’s family; where we inevitably popped a bottle of moscato in celebration of our four happy years.

Enough about what we did on our anniversary, you’re all here because you want to know how we got there in the first place.

How We Met

In 2015, I was a junior in high school and Nima, a senior. My homeroom just happened to be his first period, and for some reason it took me until the end of the year to notice him. He was staying after class for a bit to talk to his teacher and I walked in and um.. wow. I made eye contact with this incredibly handsome boy and of course, immediately looked away because it made me nervous. I just couldn’t let go of how cute this boy in a letterman jacket was, so I described him to all of my friends. When I saw him again later in the week, I noticed the number on his football jersey - this made it a million times easier to figure out who he was because I just needed to know him. It was just my luck that one of my best friends knew Nima’s best friend. They set up a party so we could meet.

I got grounded the day of the party of course, because.. I was not really a “model” child. But, that didn’t stop me from going! (hence why I would get grounded a lot). My friends picked me up and we were on our way. We got to the party and Nima and I didn’t talk the entire time. This was probably one of the most awkward moments of my life because I wanted to talk to him so badly but I was so nervous; and of course he felt the same. Then, as any teenager would, someone suggested we all play a game of truth or dare. I’m almost positive you can guess what happened next. After a few rounds, I was asked, “truth or dare?'“, and wanting to look cool in front of this cute boy who looked really good in a flannel, I said, “dare”. This is when my friends little sister said, “I dare you to kiss Nima!”…….. I was so. Scared. We both just looked at each other for a moment, because we were siting across the room from one another. It was very unlike me, but I said I was down if he was. So we kissed. Then went back to not talking. I am cracking up writing this because I wish you could’ve all been there.

My friend said she couldn’t take me home anymore that night - just so Nima and I would have more time to talk - so Nima ended up taking me. Since I had snuck out, I made him drop me off at the end of the street which he thought was so funny. I was saying goodnight and goodbye and just as I was getting out, Nima said, “Can I get your number? I was thinking maybe we could see a movie”. And the rest is history!

The Secrets to Our Successful Relationship

The secret? There isn’t one. Every relationship is different, so its impossible to pinpoint a secret to success that’ll work for everyone. But, for Nima and I, there are a lot of things we do to keep the love alive.

Like any couple, have a rough patch here and there. Our biggest roadblock in the relationship was doing long distance for about a year. I only saw Nima once a month. This is because I was finishing up high school, and he had just begun college. We decided to give each other gifts at the end of the summer before he left, and we exchanged them at the same spot Nima told me he loved me for the first time. Not that gift giving is a contest, but, Nima definitely won. I never got to go to Build-a-Bear as a child and had always wanted one, so Nima got me one - with his voice in it. It made me cry. Sorry for trailing off, lets get back to it!

As I said, Nima and I have fights. We have fought like cats and dogs before because sometimes what we are arguing about is just to important for either of us to back down from - we are very stubborn- but the best part bout fighting with Nima, is our talks afterwards. The key to a healthy relationship in my opinion, is communication. While we can’t always logically argue during a fight, once we cool down, its easy to talk to one another and point out where we went wrong. We always end a “debate” with an I love you. And for some reason, it’s like we’ve never fought before. In my opinion its unhealthy if there is a reoccurring argument in a relationship that will never be solved. But when you’re having normal arguments, I think its healthy because it shows you’re putting your opinion out there on the table. To not fight at all, would be to hold everything in - thats awful since eventually it will all come out at once.

Aside from communication, compromise also plays a big role in our relationship. Sometimes it may not be enjoyable, but its important to do what your significant other loves, and vice versa. The only time compromise becomes an issue is figuring out where we are going to eat… I’m sure you’ve all had your fair share of that one.

Lastly, showing our appreciation for each other. Nima buys me flowers every month, I leave sticky notes all over the place if I can’t catch him before I leave the house. I’ll cook his favorite dinner, he’ll do the dishes, and etc. At the end of the day relationships take effort - people often say “work” but I think that has a negative connotation to it - if you don’t try, it won’t happen.

Thank you for reading! xx

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